Amici is a registered charity that sends boys and girls from low-income families to overnight summer camps in Ontario.

    Established in 1966 by staff members at Kilcoo Camp, Amici has since provided children with over 1500 unforgettable summer experiences.

    Today, Amici supporters include campers, staff members, alumni and parents from many camps across Ontario, all linked by a common belief in the life-changing power of camp.


    Amici is excited to launch our first ever Youth Leadership Program, a nine-month program running from October to June that transforms camp skills into life skills for current and former Amici campers.


    Summer camp can have a tremendously positive and lasting impact, especially for a child who has limited access to other recreational activities. Camp provides young people with an opportunity to leave the city for an extended outdoor adventure.

    Camp is a unique environment that is different from home and school; giving children a chance to improve self-confidence, make new friends, and learn vital life skills such as independence, teamwork and goal-setting.

    Camp counsellors are positive role models, encouraging young campers to discover their true potential as the leaders of tomorrow. Most importantly, camp provides kids with unforgettable memories and a fresh perspective on life to take home to the city!


    Amici funds each child year after year until they are too old to be a camper or until their families no longer require financial assistance.

    There's no doubt that the positive impact of a single two-week session at camp can be significant. However, at Amici we believe that life-long skills such as leadership, independence and self-confidence are most effectively developed over time.

    Amici fosters a lasting relationship between a sponsored child and his/her camp, encouraging each child to grow a little bit more at camp each summer. Through our multi-year support, Amici aims to set each child on a stable path to a brighter future.