Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a maximum income eligible for funding?

    We review each family’s unique situation on a case-by-case basis. Amici’s mission is to fund children whose parents would not otherwise be able to afford to send them to camp, i.e. those who can document financial need. Each family pays a Family Fee Deposit based on their household income and size. Families with a higher household income will be asked to pay a higher Family Fee Contribution. Please contact us for more information.

  2. What are the criteria for partner camps?

    All our partner camps meet or exceed standards set by the Ontario Camps Association. All camps are residential (overnight) camps in Ontario.

  3. I am not familiar with the partner camps. How do I know which camp to choose?

    Click here to see a map of our partner camp locations, including descriptions and contact information for each camp. If you don’t have a preferred camp, we can help you find the camp that’s right for your child.

  4. Can I request a camp?

    Yes. We do our best to honour requests, but cannot guarantee placement in a specific camp or session. If we are not able to meet your request, we will suggest other options to you.

  5. What if the camp I want my child to go to does not appear on your list of partner camps?

    We aim to add new partner camps each year, but are not always able to expand the list, due to funding and budget limitations. If you are interested in your child attending a camp that is not currently an Amici partner camp, please contact us.

  6. My child has special needs. Can we still apply for funding?

    We currently partner with four camps that support children with special needs. Please click here for more information on the application process for special needs campers.

  7. When are your application deadlines?

    We consider applications on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you send in your application, the better. We recommend that you have your new camper application in before the end of January to be considered for the following summer.

  8. When will I know if my application is approved?

    We are usually able to notify returning campers by the end of December and new campers in early spring.

  9. What is a Family Fee Contribution?

    This is an administrative fee paid by each family. The fee is assessed based on your total family income, the number of people in your household, exceptional expenses, etc. The minimum fee is $75 per child. We will let you know the amount of your Family Fee Contribution once your application has been approved.

  10. What other costs are involved with sending my child to camp through Amici?

    You will be responsible for transportation to and from camp. Many camps offer bus service for an extra fee. You will also be responsible for “tuck” charges (any candy, toiletries, etc. that your child chooses to buy at the camp tuck shop) and any clothing or equipment (e.g. lifejacket) that your child may need for camp. The specific clothing and equipment requirements are different for each partner camp. Once your application is accepted, your partner camp will send you an information package, including packing list, to help you and your child prepare for camp.

  11. Do you provide funding for leadership training programs?

    Yes. Please click here for more information on Leadership Training Programs at partner camps.

  12. If I receive Amici funding this year, can I re-apply next year?

    Yes. Each camper submits a renewal application if s/he would like to return to camp next year. Amici will continue to support your child until he/she is too old to attend camp, as long as your camper continues to require financial support to attend camp.

  13. Do you have a waiting list?

    Yes. We have more applicants than we have spaces available at our partner camps. However, due to last-minute cancellations and other unforeseen circumstances, there is always a chance that a spot may become available. If your child does not get a spot from the waiting list this year, we will hold on to your application and consider your child the following summer.

  14. Will other children at camp know that my child is sponsored?

    Amici campers are not singled out in any way once they are at camp. At most camps, only the Camp Director and administrative staff are aware of your Amici sponsorship. If there is any special information that you would like to give the Camp Director or counselling staff to assist your child while s/he is at camp, please contact the camp directly by phone or email.