Stories From Campers

“I wish to thank you and the Amici Camping Charity for enabling me to go to camp . Attending camp was a wonderful experience, and one that I will never forget. This was my first time to go to an overnight summer camp, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! It is because of your work that I now have stories to tell about my adventures on Beausoleil Island and in the Georgian Bay Islands National Park.  Thank you for your generosity. I wish you and the Amici Camping Charity all the best now and in the future.”

– an Amici Camper

“Every time that I go to camp I try to achieve one very important goal. That goal is to make the new month at camp even better than the one last year. I have been able to achieve this goal every year! I can honestly say this was my best time yet. Although I like just about everything to do at camp, I think the part I love the most is the cabin canoe trip. This year my cabin went on canoe trip two days after arriving at camp! I felt like this was a great thing to do because the cabin mates always bond over canoe trip, which gave us a head start on bonding! We had to jump right in, forget about being shy with each other and get right down to work.”

-an Amici Camper

“I LOVED CAMP so much! I really appreciate getting to go there! The counsellors there are really nice and helpful! I learned how to water ski, wake board and make things out of wood! Thank you so much for a great summer experience! I can’t wait to come again next year!!!”

– an Amici Camper

“I have just come home from another wonderful month at camp and wanted to thank you all for the wonderful times I had. I got another level in archery and I managed to overcome my fears about white water kayaking. I would have to say that the best gift this summer is the new friends I will keep in touch with. The city life is good but when I am at camp, I feel free and happy to be outdoors, making my own choices and learning how to keep myself and friends safe. No matter where I go or what happens in my life, I will always have these things to remember. When I am at camp, it feels like my family has just gotten a lot bigger.”

-an Amici camper

“Amici is great! I learned how to do archery. Camp teaches me so much and I love having fun there. Thank you so much for allowing me to go to camp!”

-an Amici camper

“My brother and I met all kinds of new friends and cherish the memories that will last a lifetime. We would never have been able to experience camp if it weren’t for Amici.”

-an Amici camper

“I would like to thank Amici for giving my brother and me the outstanding experience of camp. Camp plays such a tremendous role in our lives, and is very special to us. Camp is the highlight of my year and not a day goes by without thinking about camp, and just getting back to it all. Camp has given me the best months of my life and experiences I will treasure forever. All the wonderful things at camp have been a great part of what has shaped me into who I am today, and provided me the tools to be a positive influence inside and outside of camp. Camp teaches you skills that you otherwise would not experience at home.”

-an Amici camper

“I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful to you for helping me get [to camp.] I had fun every single day because of the wonderful things like swimming, archery, canoeing, kayaking, air course, soccer, woodwork and handicraft and EP and definitely the three day long canoe trip… I loved the campfires every 3 nights and especially Evening Program… Things I will remember always from camp are the friends I made, being in the outdoors instead of being in the big city, the loons on the lake and getting to hold a little bird in my hands. Thank you so much for sending me to this wonderful camp. I had a great time and I will always remember it.”

-Hugh, age 11

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to go to camp. Not many kids have this chance and I feel extremely blessed to have such amazing memories. Thank you for all you have done for me, and for taking time out of your life to give to another person. I am forever thankful.”

-Aleia, age 16


“The staff are amazing. They’re like the older sisters that some people don’t have or wish they did have. I hope that I can someday grow to be like them.”

Isis, age 15


“Every time I go to camp I’m so excited to learn new things and meet new people. [Camp] feels like a home away from home because I love the staff, the food, and all the activities that [camp] has to offer.”

-Abby, age 15




Stories From Guardians

“Thank-you so much!!!! My daughter has never boated, and seemed always afraid when she would see boats on the water. She ended up learning how to sail and tipping her boat no less!  She also seemed to love jumping off the tower, improved in swimming and tried a lot of new things.  The biggest change seems to be her confidence and definitely more self love or self assurance, she seems happier and more content, and she also was comfortable enough to talk to some other girls about “girl stuff”.  Thank-you is all I can say, you have impacted my daughter’s life greatly, and I can tell you her subsidy to camp was appreciated and has made a huge difference in her at such a delicate age.”

-an Amici Parent


“My son went hiking up a hill and fell.  He slept out door one night and it was under a tarp.  He had chapel everyday to do daily thoughts.  He went in a canoe for the first time.  He wants to go back next year but for a longer period.  Camp changed my son as a person. He is completely different.  Now he doesn’t use the electronic devices as much, he wants more books, and active things.  You’ve helped him so much.”

-an Amici Parent


“Once again, my grandson had a wonderful summer learning and growing at camp. Because of you he has had positive experiences he will remember all his life and I know he will take the things he has learned with him as he grows. There really is no way to say how much Amici has helped to shape my boy into a young man. Perhaps his time at camp has run a little deeper since male leadership is something I can’t seem to give him. Special places are made by special people. He has been very lucky to have had all of you in his corner. Next to family, and very close to it, camp means a great deal to him and has shown him what fine men are made of. All I can say is thank you, but it doesn’t seem very adequate.”

– an Amici guardian


“Camp provides the safe environment and the bonding my son desperately needs for a healthy transition into his teenage years. Camp has become a home away from home that he wholeheartedly looks forward to. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your generosity for this invaluable gift you have given our family.”

– an Amici parent


“Without caring organizations such as Amici, it might be easy for a child in my grandson’s position to feel that life in unfair, that he has a ‘raw deal,’ and there is nothing fine to aspire to. I have worked hard to prove otherwise to him, but without the help of Amici, that job might have proved impossible. The why-should-I-care attitude that so many youths develop would be an easy route to a dim future. As it is, he knows that life can also be full of delight and surprises and that there are people who care that he partakes of them. He looks forward to being a counsellor himself someday and passing on the love of camp to other children. He is developing a safety net of support and kinship that is important to him. I know he feels lucky and has a sense of confidence and worth. He has told me so in both words and actions each time he has returned home from camp.”

-an Amici guardian


“…my heartfelt thanks for what you are providing my sons: a sure-thing dose of acceptance, inclusion, fun, outdoor activity, development of all kinds through physical challenges and growth in a very positive direction. I am so happy that Amici exists and cares about kids like mine. Thank you!!”

– Heather, an Amici parent


“Thank you for informing us that [my son] has been accepted for Amici sponsorship at camp. He is very excited about going this summer and can hardly wait for August to arrive. The camp experience has been the highlight of his year. He is learning to believe in himself through his accomplishments at camp and looks forward to meeting new and old friends. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that my son has the opportunity to develop, grow and become more independent through this experience.”

– Laurianne, an Amici parent


“I would just like to extend a tremendous thank you to Amici for making it possible for [my son] to attend camp this past summer… He is able [at camp] to relax and feel at ease with himself knowing that everyone there has issues just like he does. When I arrive each time to pick [him] up I have to say he is a totally different little boy. I have never witnessed him being so ‘at peace with his inner self.’ He is relaxed, confident and proud… He learns new skills… and achieves milestones and gets rewards for things and this means the world to him…He spends all year waiting anxiously for his time at camp.”

– an Amici parent