• Celebrating 50 Years

    Summer 2016 marks Amici's 50th year of sending kids to camp! If you're like us, when you think about camp, you think back to meeting life-long friends, learning new skills, building confidence and conquering fears. Camp has the power to unlock kids' potential and gives kids the opportunity to become leaders. That's exactly what Amici has done for 50 years.

    Join us as we celebrate 50 years of building leaders, and toast to 50 more!

50CAMP Innovation Fund

Amici Camping Charity’s 50CAMP Innovation Fund will help Amici invest in new initiatives and research.

International management consulting firm Oliver Wyman donated a 10-week, strategic planning process to Amici.  We’re very proud of the outcomes of the collaboration:  a high-impact strategic plan that will ensure the next 50 years will continue to be relevant and meaningful for deserving kids at camp.  Through the process, opportunities were identified for leadership development, new programs and a deepening of our impact on campers’ lives.

In any business, the ability to innovate allows companies to seize opportunities.  It’s no different at Amici.  While we can’t predict what an investment today will reap in the future, 50 years of experience has shown us that camp builds leaders.  So, our priority is to explore how the camp experience can deepen leadership in kids who may not otherwise have access to development opportunities.

In thanks

Amici wants to thank you in ways that are meaningful to you.  With your permission, your investment in the 50CAMP Innovation Fund will be acknowledged at Amici’s 50th anniversary gala on November 19th, where we hope you’ll join us as our guest.  It will be recognized as “Your Name” 50CAMP Innovation Fund when mentioned in print and digitally for the next two years and will be included on the special virtual cabin donor wall to be created after the 50th anniversary year.