• Celebrating 50 Years

    Summer 2016 marks Amici's 50th year of sending kids to camp! If you're like us, when you think about camp, you think back to meeting life-long friends, learning new skills, building confidence and conquering fears. Camp has the power to unlock kids' potential and gives kids the opportunity to become leaders. That's exactly what Amici has done for 50 years.

    Join us as we celebrate 50 years of building leaders, and toast to 50 more!

Ambassadors’ Council

Behind every leader – are other leaders who have supported and influenced them.

Campers have young leaders they can look up to each summer: counsellors, program staff and directors.  For Amici campers, there is also a league of quiet leaders who contribute to their growth and leadership development: donors.

Amici Camping Charity’s Ambassadors’ Council consists of community-minded leaders who are passionate about the power of camp and recognize its role in offering children from low-income families the opportunity to discover their full potential.

Members of the Ambassadors’ Council also play another critical leadership role:  offering guidance and ideas to help Amici grow and think big to make a more meaningful impact in the lives of children through the power of camp.

Members of Amici’s Ambassadors’ Council pledge to send a cabin of kids to camp each year for 5 years – the average length of stay of an Amici camper.  Sending kids to camp year after year is a hallmark of Amici’s program, making camp a stable touchstone in a young person’s life.  It’s what makes the model so impactful on the lives of Amici campers.  And your donation is effectively doubled since it is matched by partner camps.

Ambassadors’ Council Members commit to sending at least 10 kids to camp each year for 5 years at $10,000 per year.*

*On average, $1,000 reflects the fee Amici pays to partner camps for a two-week stay for each camper and is recognized as a symbolic amount. The full cost includes Amici’s efforts in matching campers with the right partner camp, supporting families and developing campers as leaders.

Making a difference through the power of camp

Research is showing an interesting paradox: despite being unplugged from technology while at camp, kids learn 21st century skills – critical in a digital and changing economy – like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.  Camp is more than s’mores and campfires.  It has the power to contribute to 21st century skills, build leadership and level the playing field for at-risk kids.

Your support through the Ambassadors’ Council has the power to unlock kids’ potential AND enhance the effectiveness of Amici itself through your guidance and help in “thinking big”.  If you would like to learn more about the Ambassadors’ Council, or Amici’s new Leadership League, please contact Robyn at 416.588.8026 or robyn@amicicharity.org.