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Metro News National Edition: “Heigh-ho heigh-ho, it’s off to camp they go”
Monday, June 4, 2012

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City portage helps less fortunate

One hundred camp enthusiasts strapped canoes to their backs and embarked on a grueling 40-kilometre paddle and portage over the weekend for the fifth annual Canoe Heads for Kids event, which raised $60,000 to send kids from low-income families to summer camps through Amici Camping Charity. METRO

Paddling for dollars

  • The money raised in the event will send 60 children to camp for two weeks.
  • Once Amici sponsors a child, it will continue to send that child to camp for two weeks every year, as long as the financial need is still there.
  • Combined with its other fundraising initiatives, Amici will send 150 children to camp for two weeks in 2012

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